A massive reserve in the heart of the west

Din’e Be keyah (Navajo land) — home to our huge western reserve.

Dedicated to sustaining the harmonious relationship between Mother Earth and her guardians, our Navajo employees have taught us the importance of being Keya Ye Bo Holnii — Stewards of the Land — dedicated to maintaining a sustainable way of life. This responsibility has driven us to develop the first green resin-coated product, ensuring that all of our employees can return home to their families proud of where they work.

Preferred Sands of Arizona has a total reserve size of 130 million tons of coarse sand.

Our Arizona mine is located 150 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The plant is capable of producing approximately 2 million tons per year. Our coarse reserves reach a massive total of 130 million tons, which provides consistency and reliability in our product quality and efficiency. The plant has an advanced rail load-out system, quadrupling a traditional load-out pace. Our Sanders plant is unit train accessible and directly serviced by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

Preferred Proppants companies recognize the Navajo Nation Preference in Employment Act and are an EEOE.