Lauren Boegner

Vice President, Human Resources

Finding and keeping great people is a key to success for any business, and in a company full of hard charging go-getters, Lauren’s job is challenging, to say the least. Always quick with a smile or word of encouragement, Lauren’s ability to untangle the complexities of corporate benefits management, while also managing Preferred’s greatest asset—the strength of its people—makes Lauren a pivotal member of Preferred’s senior management team.

After receiving a degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of Michigan, Lauren worked as a recruiter for Accenture in Chicago. She then spent five years as Assistant Vice President at Spaulding & Slye Colliers, where she managed the HR department for a 200-person commercial real estate firm, before joining Preferred in 2004.

Also among Lauren’s countless responsibilities is managing professional development for those who are seeking a myriad of career opportunities within Preferred.

Lauren’s passion for physical fitness is a perfect match for Preferred’s culture for excellence, and her high energy enables her to balance the demands of her job with her dedication to her family.