TJ Doyle

President and Chief Operating Officer

TJ Doyle is responsible for formulating and implementing the company’s business plan and for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. TJ achieves this through developing and implementing effective policies and procedures that are focused on maintaining a safe, efficient, and effective operation that produces quality products and service for our customers and maximum value for the Company’s stakeholders. That’s quite a to-do list, we know. The fact that he has no problem juggling this is perhaps why he’s been accused of being obsessively organized. TJ takes particular enjoyment in anticipating and solving complex problems before they occur with his “we-can-do-it-no-matter-what” attitude.

TJ has been part of the Preferred family of companies since 2000 and has extensive experience in every facet of our business. He has a degree in Physics and is an MSHA certified surface non-metallic miner. TJ is never satisfied with the status quo and is fiercely competitive (insert challenge here) whether bombing down a trail on his mountain bike or downhill skis, competing on the Company’s Triathlon team, or heading through the parking lot to the car with a suggestive, "wanna race?"

TJ’s infectious laugh can always be heard through the walls of Preferred and his big heart shines back at the world through his wife and three young children.