Michael O'Neill

Founder & CEO

Some may call him impatient. We disagree. Michael is incredibly impatient. However, our Chief Visionary’s “what’s next?” attitude has made Preferred the company it is today.

A product of Villanova University and Temple Law School, Mike’s career began with First Pennsylvania Bank in 1984. Since founding Preferred in 1992, he has built the company into a dynamic organization of like-minded professionals dedicated to creativity, hard work, financial ingenuity and generally trying to get the very last ounce out of everything that we do in life.

Mike thinks fast and moves fast (he even walks fast) but you will never meet a better teacher or mentor. Together with his wife Jeannie, he maintains a family, church, sports, community, and charitable schedule that has them slated to be everywhere at once. Their commitment to each other, to their five children, and to their fellow man are a marvel to all who know them.

Though he has been known to terrorize lobsters while diving off the coast of Cape May and to slip into moments of over-exuberance while riding his Harley, it’s O'Neill's visionary leadership and deep sense of responsibility that make him a businessman, philanthropist, and humanitarian of the first order.

So if your cell phone rings at 5:00 a.m., no need to wonder who it is — it’s MO on the line with The Next Big Thing.