Investing in safety

Safety is not merely a concern: it is a mindset. Our first priority is to send our employees home the same way they arrived at work.

Preferred Sands strives to be a company that supports individuals. From that perspective, we created an employee-directed Safety Committee that is responsible for keeping our equipment and procedures up to date on all safety requirements and for mandating safe work practices in every corner of our plants. By “mentoring” the rest of the team, the Safety Committee plays a central role in ongoing safety training and serves as the “eyes and ears” of the plant.

Although the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulates our facilities, we have developed programs and policies that exceed MSHA standards.

We also perform rigorous safety audits throughout the year, utilizing a variety of independent mining professionals and industry resources including the University of Nebraska State Grants Program, independent consulting firms and insurance providers, as well as internal cross-audits conducted by senior management and plant managers from other areas of our business.