Service is an action, not a promise

What distinguishes us from other companies is the entrepreneurial nature engrained in our people and our culture. We don't ascribe to a "business as usual" mentality—our team is hardworking, competitive and focused on doing the right thing for our customers, our company and our nation's need for efficient energy solutions.

Business is always personal. We intuitively understand that the nature of the industry is subject to the pressures of market volatility—the need to get a well up and running quickly, to accommodate changing schedules, and to respond to the fluctuating specs and product grades needed to best service a well. Our reputation relies on how we respond to this volatility. Since the Company's inception, our sales team has remained clearly focused on responding to our customers' needs and providing an unparalleled customer experience.

The prevailing culture of our company is to treat employees and customers like family, and it's reflected in the efficiency and morale of our people and the service they deliver. In a very short period of time, Preferred Sands has established strong relationships with numerous large and small customers, which is a testament to its commitment to customer service, high quality products, competitive rates and sophisticated logistics systems.